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Basic Information Sheet

* There are no minimum purchase requirements.

*  With the exception of coasters and canvas leather mix products, all products on page 1 & 2 of price sheet available in honey, espresso and black. Vegetable tanned styles on page 3 are available in natural, chestnut and mesa. Chrome tanned styles on this page are available in cognac and molasses. 

* All styles can be logoed via a deboss/hot stamp process. Wholesale pricing includes (1) logo application on a given product. A second logo application on a given product is an additional $ 1.00 per unit.

* After production of a product, pillow styles may also be embroidered at a cost based on stitch count, generally starting at $ 10.00 per unit. Other products may be embroidered prior to their production.

* Hot Stamped initials are available on a given product at cost of $ 3.00 per set.

* CorkscrewCutter Pieces may also be logoed via engraving for a cost of $2.50 per unit or $4.00 for an initial set (An additional one time set up charge of $ 40.00 may apply for small orders). Minimum order for such engraving is 36.

* Logo production costs for creating a die for deboss/stamp process are $ 60.00 per logo production.

* Logo productions costs for creating a digital tape for embroidery of pillows start at a cost of $ 25.00, based on stitch count.

* Logo production for engraving is priced at $ 40.00. (Minimum order size 36).* Corkscrew/Cutter piece may also be logoed via engraving for a cost of $ 2.50 per unit or $ 4.00

* Logo production for laser etch on shave brush is $ 30.00. (Minimum order size 36).

* Shipments FOB Naples, FL.

* Standard shop turnaround is 3 – 5 days after logo approval.

* Preferred format for logos received for production is an eps file. Jpeg, tif or other line formatted files can be used. Embroidery formatted logos cannot be used for creation of die for debossing or engraving.  If line formatted files are not available, stationery, scorecards or print material can be used to create a logo, permitting such logo is of adequate size for reproduction. Please send all artwork to orders@ticasport.com and a copy to Rob MacGuffie (rob@ticasport.com).

* Standard tournament/event turnaround is 3 – 5 weeks after order submission, assuming logo approval process has occurred within that time period.

* Standard pay terms are net 30 days.

* Standard Quantity Tournament discounts are 8 % with net 30 day payment or 10 % with net 10 day payment. Items less than $ 25.00 per unit receive such discounts for order quantities greater than (100) units and items greater than $ 25.00 receive such discounts for order quantities greater than (60) units.  

* In addition to tournament discounts, logo production charges are waived on orders greater than $ 1000.00 in wholesale value.



Charley Kiel

Consultant & Product Specialist

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