NexBelt – 3 Sided Display

Three Sided Display

The Three Sided Display has proven to be extremely successful in both public and private club settings, averaging 50% increase in sales.  
Once your member/patron see the options NexBelt offers in both packaged sets as well as loose buckles and straps, they will be excited and be back to buy additional purchases for their wardrobe.  

Dimensions are 20 inches in Diameter, 5’7″ in Height

Holds:  24 package Sets, 45 Loose Buckles, 40 Loose Straps

Getting Started:  The Cost to get started with the 3 sided display can range based on what product you put on it.   Most common mixes of popular Package Sets, Buckles and Straps, ranges in the $2,200 – $2,400 area. 

Should you have any additional questions, please let me know!  Thank you!




Charley Kiel

Consultant & Product Specialist

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