Maui Jim – Sell Through Tips


Welcome to the Maui Jim – Getting Good Sell Through Page.  I would like to express a HUGE thank you for your support of Maui Jim Eyewear in your Golf Shop.  There are several things that I will bullet point below that will help you get good sell through of your Maui Jim eyewear selection.  Please use this as a resource to help you and your staff.  It may sound a bit Golf Shop Merchandising 101, but with these resources, they will help with your ultimate goal of good sell through in your shop.

  • Maui Jim Display:  Do you have the most recent display?  If not, please let me know.   We offer displays to our partners to keep their Maui Jim inventory in. 
  • Maui Jim Display:  Do you turn the light on in the display everyday?  The lighting in the display helps in attracting attention to the Maui Jim Display and the great eye wear pieces in it. 

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  • Maui Jim Training:  Have you and your golf shop staff been through the Maui Jim training portal?  If not, this is HIGHLY recommended.  See the Maui Jim – Training page for more information.
  • Training Cards for the shop?  There are training flip cards that Maui Jim has available for quick reference for post Maui Jim training.  Having this handy is helpful to answer a member/patron’s question quickly.  Please let me know if you need one of these for your golf shop.
  • Social Media Introduction and Awareness:  Do you have availability to use either the club or golf shop Facebook page or other forms of Social Media to your patrons.  If so, I would introduce a pic of new styles or the display that you may recently have received  to get your member’s interest in Maui Jim.
  •  First Tee Trunk Show: Take your Maui Jim display to the first tee if you or another golf professional are the daily starter (ie Saturday morning)  It will give you another thing to talk about while the next group is clearing the fairway and you an opportunity to showcase Maui Jim.
  • Demo Day Event (Trunk Show during a busy day):  While I can’t be cloned to be at every Maui Jim account in my territory for these type of events, I do recommend, based on scheduling to have myself come out to the club during a Spring Demo Day to showcase Maui Jim.  If this is something that you know firmly will help you, please let me know and we can look into scheduling a date.  I do ask to have you market this event with Maui Jim thoroughly in advance.



Charley Kiel

Consultant & Product Specialist

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