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In my 25 years in the golf industry, I have seen some of the great years back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, but also the tough years in the 2007 – 2010 timeframe too.  The golf industry is creeping along and trying to gain momentum with more rounds played, more tournament rounds as well as capitalizing on fuller occupancy with memberships.

One thing we all can agree on, we need to do two simple things every day, whether a Golf Professional, General Manager, Teaching Instructor, Food & Beverage Manager, Membership – Marketing Director, Etc. or a Sales Professional like myself.

1. Develop and Nurture Relationships.

2. ENGAGE those relationships in Activities, Products & Services at our place of business.

Sound easy enough, but we all know there are many other things on our plates.  But if you could step back and take a look at the loyalty of club members or patrons at your facility, is it 100%?

Recent Club Scenario:

I recently asked a PGA Golf Professional in my territory how many memberships he had at his club.

Answer: 400.  (meaning 400 memberships, with spouses and family members adding to the total number of people using the club)

Next question was, what percentage of those members supported the club in the shop/events/f&b?

Answers: 50%

So if I put on my sales hat and use the 80/20 rule where 80% of the business is generated by 20% of the customers, that means only 40 memberships were supporting his shop, etc.  (20% of 200 memberships.) Is that a fair assumption?

Answer:  Yes. (in a somber tone).

That means there are 360 memberships out there that are going somewhere else for product, etc.  A huge opportunity for this club and most likely, you may find this all too familiar.

So how do you Engage with this customer/member when they are not at the club?

Facebook?  The note below is from the first hit I received when Googling, Average Engagement Rate on Facebook.  6.37% – 8%?  This is worse than email blasts.

The industry standard for Facebook Engagement Rates is 6.37% based on the average engagement of 9.5 million Fan Pages indexed February 2016. The average engagement rate will vary between page size and page category. Community pages get an average of 15% engagement rates whilst Sports sites average around 8% engagement.

Email Blasts?  Again, this note below is from the first hit I received when Googling, Average Email Open Rate.  

Across all industries, the average open and clickthrough rate results according to the most recent Sign-up.To Email statistics for UK SME email marketing campaigns were: Across all industries the average results for UK SME email marketing campaigns were: Open rate: 24.79% (2016: 24.88%)Apr 19, 2016

I understand Emails and Social Media can be efficient in time and costs, but if you are missing 75% or more of your customer market, is it time to supplement it with something that is nearly 100%?

The Game of Golf, and more importantly, the Game of Life, lost an incredible man last year in 2016.  Mr. Arnold Palmer was unlike no other.  His Army was HUGE!  The most likable in the sport as well as in all sports.  He was a legend, reaching out to his fans like nobody else.  Did Mr. Palmer reach his fans via Facebook posts or  Email Blasts?  Probably not.  But he did in Letters and Cards to his fans.  What if each one of us could be more like Arnold Palmer?  I know there is not enough time in your schedule to write letters like he did to his fans.  Or in our case, your customers.  But what if you could come really close?  Almost so close, that it wouldn’t matter.


If you could send a really nice Greeting Card to Supporting Members/Customers, thanking them for their business, as well as to Lost Members/Customers, re-engaging them into your business offerings, within just a few touches on your smart phone or tablet, would you send it?

If you could do the same that included, Your Logo, Your Club Pics, Your Custom Info (the back of the card with your pic and info), with Your Message and Additional Pics…while all in your Handwriting with your Signature as well as Personalized to that individual, would you send it?

Remember, you are in the Relationship Business….not the Golf Business.



Below are some articles that will challenge and test you as a Club Professional, etc.  It does me still to this day, but we all desire and want a challenge.  These articles are “in general” and not specific to any one business but I feel it can overlap to the golf industry.  Be open-minded when reading these articles.  In my travels, I hear a lot of struggles in golf shops loosing customers to off course stores and online business.  Could it be how we interact with our customers? 

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Article 1


Article 2–of-all-people-leave-a-business–because-of–perceived-indifference—-what-are-you-doing-to-keep-your-clients-

This one even talks about the importance of greeting cards! Think they may offer some kind of printed cards, but don’t believe it is SOC.


Article 3

Another reference to the famous study done a few years ago.


This is a great video! Bowling alley?

63% increase in their league sign ups overnight from this card!

If all of this info has you curious to see and learn more, let’s visit as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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