Send Out Cards - Sales Reps

Greetings Fellow Sales Representative!

Thank you for visiting my site and info about Send Out Cards.  I would like to invite you to view a few videos below on how I have used Send Out Cards to grow my business as well as find opportunities to show this to your account base.  I firmly believe there is a HUGE opportunity for each one of us in the golf industry to show this to golf clubs across the country.  As well as other relationships you may have personally and professionally.  Golf Clubs are in the relationship industry, just like we are.  What would a country club’s bottom line look like if they sent Thank you and Gratitude cards to Members, Tournament Guest, Event Guest, etc.?  The number one reason they don’t is because of TIME.  How many members are not spending money in the golf shop?

Are your emails getting read among all the other things a Golf Professional ~ Buyer is doing in a day?


So while you may not be sending a card to Grandma with Brownies, imagine sending a card on the way out of an appointment from your Smart Phone vs waiting until the end of the day or week when you are tired and need to enter orders.



Stay tune for more info!