EPEC - Getting Started



As a former club professional, I am always looking at products when vendors approach me, not only through a sales rep eyes, but also as a club professional and if the product or service has merit.  Is there a great value there to the club professional and the end consumer.  

When EPEC Junior Golf approached me prior to the 2018 PGA Show and introduced me to their junior club line, I was a tad bit leary.  I had seen other junior club lines come and go.  But after researching their model more and how it helps the club professional and the end consumer, it became a no brainer.  Also being a parent, spending a ton of money on a set of clubs every year to two years was/is so costly! 


And here are the Reasons it’s a no brainer.

  • NO RISK to you.
  • NO INVENTORY for you to carry. 
  • YOU MAKE 30% MARGINS on NO inventory. 
  • YOU can service your member/patron’s junior golfer with premium product that is upgradeable.  


To Get Started, just say…Sign Me Up!  I will put your info on an account form (no financials – just contact info) and submit it with an Order for the Demo Bag/Clubs (no costs) along with the 8 OPI Boxes (see below).  


When you receive these, simply display them in the shop and introduce your members/patrons to EPEC Junior Golf.  I will assist in sending you digital info you can email to your member/patrons.  


The business model for this is simple and easy on all levels!  Many Club Professionals tell about their success & feedback with EPEC, http://ckgolfbrands.com/epec-club-feedback/


Under the EPEC tab at my website is a ton of information about EPEC.  www.ckgolfbrands.com  


Visit www.epecgolf.com to view their website.





What about that instant sale of a set of clubs?  Can the customer walk away with a set from the shop?

  • Sure!  You can carry product in the shop if you wish and make up to 40% margin with just a 3 set investment.  


What if I want to sell a set every 1 to 2 years to my member/patron?

  • If that is a way for you to make money, keep on doing it. 
  • EPEC’s focus is to bring value to upgrading clubs when needed, helping the end consumer with total $ outlay of junior clubs for a parent.  The club professional can get behind this as bringing great value to their customer.  Once you explain this system to your customer, they will appreciate it in many other ways of sales in the shop!